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Airplanners is a consulting firm founded in 1999 that develops air service into airports in the United States and Canada.  We are a group former resort and aviation executives specializing in the strategic development, strategy, and implementation of commercial air programs.  Our contacts with major airlines and low cost carriers are at the highest levels in the marketing, scheduling and capacity planning departments.  

The strategies and techniques we have developed are more inclusive. Our focus includes the airport, the community and business leaders; and enables all the stakeholders to be engaged in the air service development process.  We feel it is critical that we use all the available resources in a region to convince an airline to increase existing service or offer new service.  Airplanners assists our clients in creating an air alliance (public private partnership) that typically includes airport management, business leaders, elected officials and representatives from community organizations and major corporations.

Our greatest assets are that we have designed and managed two airline programs as a sponsoring organization and the length of time (up to 13 years) we have contracted with individual clients. We are currently under contract with governments, transportation authorities, airports and private businesses.  Over years we negotiated hundreds of air service agreements, developed new air service to resort and business communities across the United States and Canada.